Your Chimney Safety, My Top Priority!

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Your Chimney Safety, My Top Priority!

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To maintain your home's chimney safety, schedule an appointment with a certified chimney sweep annually. Heater flue and fireplace chimney safety depend on an inspection by a professional. Your chimney safety, our priority!


Chimney Safety Institute of America

The CSIA offers informaton and safety tips to homeowners.

National Chimney Sweep Guild

National Organizaton for Chimney Sweep Professionals.


What can I do when smoke comes in as I try to light a fire in my fireplace?

There are a few steps you can take before calling us. 

  1. First, check that your damper is fully open and there is no excessive soot buildup. 
  2. The next step would be to crack a window or door open to let air come into the room.
  3. Third, if the smoke continues to come into your living space rather than up the chimney, close any glass doors to the firebox.
  4. Then you can also check to make sure that bathroom, kitchen and attic fans are off. These devices reduce air pressure in the house and can reverse the draft. 
  5. At anytime if flames are coming out of the firebox, extinguish the fire and open all windows immediately.

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