Welcome to our home and hearth online.  Your chimney safety is my top priority as a certified chimney sweep serving homeowners in Delaware County and the surrounding area.

Gallagher’s Chimney for Homeowners

Barney Gallagher is the owner-operator of Gallagher’s Chimney Service, offering a full range of chimney inspections and repair services at a fair price for homeowners in the Delaware County area.

About Gallagher’s Chimney

Gallagher’s Chimney Service is a company whose main mission is to provide homeowners chimney inspections to make sure your chimneys are safe to use.  Barney Gallagher is the owner/operator and makes it his priority to perform chimney cleaning & inspections thoroughly and provide solutions for safety issues he uncovers.  He provides a fair price for the work he can do for you, and he refers what is beyond the scope of his expertise (such as gas log or woodstove inserts, or rebuilding masonry) to those who can help you.

Gallagher’s Chimney Updates

How can we help you?

Welcome to Gallagher’s Chimney Service; reach us at 610 522 9595. Barney Gallagher provides chimney inspections with every chimney cleaning for a fireplace, heater chimney or woodstove.  Any safety issues that he uncovers during his inspection, if he can provide a solution, it will be one he does himself at a fair price.

Contact Gallagher’s Chimney Service

As the falling leaves blanket your lawn, get a “Round Tuit” (as shown below) and get your chimney cleaned & inspected before the cold weather is upon us.  For a fair price done right, contact us by phone at 610 522 9595, email gallaghers chimney at comcast dot net.  We are easily found online by doing a search for chimney sweeps in Delaware County,  PA.