Holidays Here

So the fall leaves surround us off the trees with the few still hangers-on showing off their muted colors and strength. The final November winds will take the rest of them for a ride until the leaf-collecting trucks do their final round in neighborhoods all across the northeast.

There is a chill in the air at least a couple of days during the rollercoaster temps due to global warming in our current weather cycle. That means that when the frost comes, the wood is brought inside, the stoves and fireplaces heat up with fires set by romantics and pragmatics alike.

Keep warm, keep safe, “don’t be an ash, get your chimney checked” by a pro before burning during the holidays. No one wants to be out in the cold due to a chimney fire, which can start inside the upper part of your chimney where you can’t see creosote deposits that may be there. A certified chimney sweep will be able to see that, clean it off, recommend good burning habits and maintenance – family safe for the holidays!

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