Welcome to seasonal chimney services

In the spring and summer, homeowners like you are more likely to think of what’s noticeable on the outside of your chimney and even be a little concerned about what might smell like soot inside your home.

So, the water damage, missing bricks, leaking into the fireplace or upper rooms, dripping goo around the heater might be symptoms of some repairs due to a chimney issue. A qualified certified chimney sweep can provide an inspection, a diagnosis, and a proposal that are all important services we provide to stay in business during the ‘less busy’ times.

Masonry season – spring + summer

We provide every customer the respect of a complete inspection and offer a fair price for a job done right…

… your chimney safety, my top priority

Essential businesses are staying open even during the ebbing pandemic, with safety being our top priority. Using all the physical distancing and face-covering measures as necessary, we use gloves and protection to keep your home free of any soot while cleaning.

The most important chimney is yours, whether for fireplace or heater

The life of your family, the safety of your home, reasonable price for work done right is what we keep top of mind as we serve you.

From the top of the chimney the view is fantastic.

As we go through this time, remember:

This too shall pass.


How can we help you?

Welcome to Gallagher’s Chimney Service; reach us at 610 522 9595.

Barney Gallagher provides chimney inspections with every chimney cleaning for a fireplace, heater chimney or woodstove.  Any safety issues that he uncovers during his inspection, if he can provide a solution, it will be one he does himself at a fair price.